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Purposefully Practical

Monthly Subscription


Practically Purposeful is a monthly group coaching membership that motivates and empowers believers to THRIVE IN PURPOSE. Whether you are in ministry or the marketplace, Coach LaToya NaShae delivers tools and strategies that help to propel you deeper into your destiny. For an investment of $37/month, you will receive:


  • One 60-minute LIVE interactive group coaching session the first Wednesday of each month

  • Weekly practicality affirmations, prayer points, & journal prompts

  • A private community for further discussing each month’s topic, moving beyond setbacks, and forming authentic connections outside of your regular sphere of influence

  • Guest appearances from industry leaders in finance, media, health care, entrepreneurship, etc.

  • Discount codes and early bird registration for Coach LaToya NaShae’s programs & events

Just in case you skimmed over it, we’re heavy on COMMUNITY. As the old adage goes,

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

That’s the beauty of Practically Purposeful: we glean, grow, and give…together. Join us as we take deep dives into what it means to live purposeful, fulfilled lives.

Since purpose requires processes and faith without works is dead, we DO THE WORK! 

  • We Glean

Let’s explore the practical side of faith. Oh, yes, there is such a thing! Jesus performed miracles and He gave instructions for His followers to complete. Destiny is never without directions. Each monthly group coaching session presents a new practicality to unpack and gems to gather, so come with your notebooks & pen. Be it embracing NO, managing your mindsets, or assessing your associations, you are sure to walk away with practical insights and strategies for effectively flowing from one level of destiny to the next.

  • We Grow

We stretch and shift around here! Growth is inevitable for those who engage in the weekly work and discussions. Intentionality is required. It is paramount that you show up fully to make the most of your membership. With Practically Purposeful, you have the opportunity to weave the provided prayer points, affirmations, and journal prompts into your journey to maximize your experience. Not to mention, our private community is provided for you to chat it up with your group mates, clarify your vision, collaborate, and hold one another accountable.

  • We Give

Did you know that purpose isn’t personal??? It’s all about paying it forward! You have been created and commissioned to impact the world for God’s glory, even if it is one person at a time. Practically Purposeful is designed to strengthen you to steward your gifts, talents, purpose and influence to a greater degree without forsaking your personal wellbeing. Simply put, we empower you to thrive in purpose while remaining the sincerest version of you!

Still not sure that Practically Purposeful is for you?

You’ve read this far because life is good… it’s just not great. You want more than good. Way more! More impact. More meaning. More fulfillment. LOTS MORE. Still, something is hindering you from choosing change. What is preventing you from doing this for you?

You desire more. 

You envision so much more.

Within you lies the potential for more.

It’s time for MORE… and you know it!! Join Practically Purposeful today!

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