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The Hidden Blessing of Discomfort

One of my many life mottoes is that comfort zones aren’t really comfortable; they are just what we know. That’s a BIG OL’ FACT worth noting if I do say so myself. And, trust me, I do! We might shy away from admitting it but becoming accustomed to dysfunction and satisfied with stagnancy are pretty normal life occurrences. We all know what it’s like to find ourselves in situations that are far from preferable while lacking the know-how to get out. Most likely, your mind wants to drift toward extremes. Let me reel you back this way to the places and spaces that are often coddled by excuses.

I’m referring to stuff like procrastinating…because you work better under pressure.

Or talking…and talking…and talking about what you’re going to do but never busting a move.

This is a good one: I’m waiting on God… and yet, the vision has not been written NOR a strategy developed. And let’s not eeee-ven talk about the lack of enlisted accountability partners!

Moving on…

We say these things — yes, I’ve been guilty too — and all while loathing the discomfort of where we are. Good. Embrace the discomfort, boo!

Like a metaphorical splinter, an uncomfortable comfort zone works its way in painfully deep. It irks our souls and refuses to exit unless we exert effort. Tweezers won’t get the job done, though. We have dig in with discipline. Yep, the “D” word.

My personal definition for discipline is the intentional culmination of faith, works, tenacity, and a plan to close the gap between what is and the possibilities of what can be.

Simply put, when we truly grow tired of life as usual, discomfort leads to discipline and discipline leads to destiny.

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