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'Cause I WORK the Middle

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Hey, hey! I’m LaToya NaShae aka Ms. Made for the Middle. A proper introduction seemed like a good fit for my first post, so here we are. You’re probably stuck on the “I WORK the middle” part. No worries. Lots of people get stuck scratching their heads, not quite sure what to do in the middle. Allow me to break it down…

Whether we realize it or not, we’re all biased in how we esteem middles. Back in the day, I was daring enough to ride the most unnerving of rollercoasters but uhm, let me get that middle seat. It was the safest choice in my opinion. However, don’t dare give me the center seat on a 2+ hour flight! Looking out of the window or down the aisle suits me just fine, but being crammed between two people is a no-go. See what I mean? Oreo fans crave that sugary-sweet cream center, but nobody — and I do mean nobody — enjoys mid-term exams. We are indeed choosey about how we view in-between places, but these aren’t the positions attached to my purpose.

The middle space I occupy is known as the process. Hold on now, boo! Don’t groan too soon. I’m all about remixing definitions to shift one’s thinking.

PROCESS — the undefined duration of space and time between hearing what God said and seeing what God said

A few words usually come to mind when process is mentioned. Frustrating. Unending. Pointless. Aht, aht! Stop right there. Let’s elevate our perspective. How would your approach to your current process change if you:

  • View this space as a time of preparation for God’s promise

  • Prioritize peace, faith, and healthy boundaries to safeguard your heart against doubt

  • Develop strategies for successfully entering and stewarding your upcoming newness

Now those wheels are turning! We breathe easier when time is given to maximizing our middle rather than murmuring about it. How can I be so sure? Well, y’all, this is how I move through my middles and equip others to do the same. Speaking, writing, coaching- in whatever capacity I show up, you can bet your bottom dollar that I am empowering faith walkers to live out the fullness of who God says they are. In other words, I help others to work their middle.

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