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7 Identifiers of a Purpose Project

Updated: Feb 1

It’s that time of the year again! You’re excited, I bet. Why shouldn’t you be? The start of a new calendar always begins with such zeal! The keyword being “begins.” You know how it goes. We jot down all the places we will go, renew gym memberships to combat midsection fluff, and vehemently block the numbers of people who do not align with plans to level up. Because doing so means we’re committed to change, right?

As we embark on the genesis of another 365, we vow this year will be different. WE WILL BE DIFFERENT! Well, maybe. According to The New York Times, most Americans abandon their goals by February 1st. (Gervis, 2020). Eeesshh! While it is disheartening to learn that most only give their all for 31 days, the bright side is that you can choose to be the exception rather than the rule. Such is the case when our minds shift toward destiny rather than indifference.

Resolutions come and go, but Purpose Projects are goals on another level! Purpose reaches further than desire ever could because it is anchored in something more solid than selfishness. (Not saying that all your resolutions are self-centered! Just hear me out…) Each of us exists for a reason — that reason being our purpose. Living out that reason produces initiatives aka Purpose Projects. The issue at hand is plans fall by the wayside when we do not distinguish our purposeful plans from New Year’s whims.

Here are 7 identifiers that draw a line of distinction between resolutions that get revoked and Purpose Projects:

  1. Serves others — Purpose produces vision and every purpose-driven vision is accompanied by a mission that positively impacts the lives of others.

  2. Resonates with your greatest pain — I know, I know. Word on the street is that we discover our purpose via identifying our passions. Eh. As a life coach and soon-to-retire biographical ghostwriter, I’ve found that clients are more apt to stumble onto purpose when they do the work of healing past wounds. And nothing — absolutely nothing — emboldens and impassions us like creating resources and pathways to help others alleviate burdens similar to those we once felt.

  3. Aligns with at least one of your core values — We are our truest selves when serving our values, and doing so often launches us into purpose on some level.

  4. Utilizes your strengths & challenges your weaknesses — Being who we were created to be causes us to continually evolve into better, more refined versions of ourselves.

  5. Compels help — The work of a Purpose Project may start out as a solo mission, but I assure you it will not continue that way. Heartfelt initiatives have a way of recruiting like-minded individuals. Thus, enabling us to go further faster and more effectively.

  6. Breaks barriers — This just might be my favorite identifier of all! Walking in your purpose makes you a WORLD CHANGER. Whether through the arts, technology, medicine, social reform, or some other avenue, bringing solutions to a widespread problem affects change by eliminating limitations.

  7. Creates a generational impact — To help bring hope, healing, and/or answers to one generation is to ensure a head start for the next.

So, there you have it! While New Year’s resolutions may be approaching their end, I pray these 7 Identifiers of a Purpose Project to help you to stay the course… stay in purpose… and thrive at being precisely who you were created to be.

Zoya, G. (2020, January 28). The average American abandons their New Year’s resolution by this date. New York Times.

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