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Certified Professional Life Coach




If you are ready to sincerely - I mean truly - THRIVE IN PURPOSE, get started now by choosing the Thrive Track that’s best for you!

Meet Your Coach

I had no words. NONE. And that neeeever happens to me! One seemingly simple question proved to be just as challenging as it was convicting. Sure, I had a macro-level vision for my future and some wins behind me, but what day-to-day habits, routines, and systems were necessary for truly thriving in purpose? 




You have been there, right? It’s not that life is horrible or lackluster. Still, images of “more” invade your daydreams. More impact. More meaning. More fulfillment. LOTS MORE! To have a life that counts, we must make the days count. Therein often lies the disconnect. 


Even with two published books and several successful speaking engagements under my belt, I was still trading time for money in Corporate America. No knock to those climbing the corporate ladder. Everyone has their place. Clocking hours at an international corporation happened to not be my best fit.


That one perfectly timed question back in 2016 did not redefine me. I knew who I was. It did, however, refine me. My coach’s head-tilted response to my silence sent me on a two-year journey of identifying the blind spots, limiting mindsets, values conflict, and missing pieces that created the gulf between where I was and diving deeper into who I was purposed to be. My days are now spent living what matters most!


I equip individuals and teams to thrive in purpose with clarity, confidence, & conviction. 

One question made a world of difference. I realized that vision requires a roadmap and purpose - as faith-backed as it may be - requires some structure, practicalities, and, of course, work. As a strategy development coach, I continue my work of equipping individuals and teams to live their visions by:


  • Gaining clarity on their mission, vision, & values

  • Wrapping their core values in goal-crushing strategies

  • Establishing parameters for remaining in alignment with purpose

  • Creating propelment plans to successfully navigate present & future challenges


Existing in an unfulfilled, unrefined state is not your destiny! More…so much more awaits you! And you know it. 



LaToya NaShase is a feisty speaker, author, and certified professional life coach who is passionate about equipping others to harness the power of their ordained identity. She journeys with individuals in the security and creativity of group settings as they unpack what it means to authentically walk in their identity, thrive in purpose, and experience the freedom of living out their values. Through every avenue of communication, LaToya’s aim is to provide motivational empowerment that yields unprecedented fulfillment.


LaToya NaShae holds a B.S. in Biology from Murray State University as well as certifications from the Christian Coach Institute and Cornell University.

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