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C O N S I S T E N C Y  I S  C A L L I N G

Corporate Team Building

Yes, it’s frustrating, but at least solutions are being sought. This experience is actually quite common. We’ve all found ourselves navigating downturns within our organizations due to things like:


  • Sales reaching record lows.

  • Engagement starting to dwindle.

  • Once passionate team members are becoming disconnected.

  • Maintaining oneness with the merging of traditional and virtual roles.


Highs and lows are typical of any industry. Throw in recalibrating after a global pandemic, and all signs now point to the need for help! That’s where Coach LaToya NaShae comes in. With more than a decade of leadership & training experience, Coach LaToya has a knack for kickstarting team cohesion with sass and strategies like only she can. Her signature workshops:

  • Create space for transparent,solutions-oriented conversations

  • Place an emphasis on the organization’s Mission & Vision

  • Bridge the gap between each team member’s Values and the organization’s Values


There is no better time than now to start tackling those overlooked pain points. If you’re ready for a reset that fast-tracks your team to unity and effectiveness, click THRIVE NOW to complete our Corporate Questionnaire.


Valued Success

We esteem what we truly value. The Valued Success workshop helps team members not only identify their personal core values but also to understand how those ideals can partner with the organization’s values to bring greater meaning to their day-to-day operations.


Culture Curation

Unified Sight & Sound - Every culture is defined by its uniqueness. From music to cuisine and language, how people groups flow in their everyday rhythms becomes essential to who they are. The same holds true for the culture of your organization. Whether it's being overlooked or not, the sight components - as in your mission & vision - are already in place. Now, let’s work together to create a cohesive sound that conveys unity, clarity, and assurance.


 Optimal Team

The momentum of any organization is driven by the strength of its teams. But what sets its teams on the path to greatness? Only you and your team decide. The Optimal Team is a guided journey of identifying the key characteristics that equip every person to intentionally serve the organization’s mission by understanding the significance of their role and approaching each task with excellence.

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Mindset Maneuvers

A customizable group coaching experience that empowers team members to show up in every space as their most authentic, values-driven selves. 

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